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Alaska Fish House Chefs Table

What is a chef’s table?  Simply put, a chef’s table is a medium for a chef to flex his or her culinary muscle.  Passionate individuals who want to share their love of food with others will offer an unforgettable dining experience where the chef decides the menu.  The guests watch in amazement as a master chef transforms raw ingredients into exquisite dishes right in front of each table.  As the chef takes center stage, you’ll hear the story behind each dish you are eating and learn about the thriving fishing culture of our beloved Ketchikan.

A chef’s table is meant to showcase a chef’s skill, passion, inspiration, and ingenuity.  We’ve brought in chef’s from across the country who are passionate about seafood and bringing the guests a truly memorable experience.  Towards that end, our chefs are intent on including the best ingredients possible.  At the Alaska Fish House, this not only includes crab, shrimp, salmon, halibut, oysters, and other delicious seafood, but also more exotic and intriguing local edibles;  devil’s club tip, spruce tips, ribbon kelp, seaweeds, sea cucumber, sea urchin, local berries, rhubarb, salmonberry blossoms, licorice fern, and much more.  We work hand in hand with Ketchikan’s local fishermen to bring the highest quality seafood possible.

In addition to our chefs, we’ve made a very special and unprecedented addition to the culinary team this year: the forager.  Think of having a rainforest as an office, where your job is to immerse yourself in nature, learning about the vast plant life of Southeast Alaska.  Early each morning, one brave individual will go remote and collect the seasonal blossoms of the week to bring back to our chefs who will then create a dish, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  During low tides, our forager will suit up in raingear and take a skiff out scouring local beaches to gather edible seaweeds to be served in savory recipes created by our chefs.  At the meal, the forager will be present tableside with each chef to educate each guest on locally foraged foods and sustainable practices for harvesting these plants in Southeast Alaska. 

At the Alaska Fish House, our chef’s table meal will be served in a private dining room with four six-person tables, a personal chef and storyteller for each meal, and seven courses of freshly caught seafood and locally foraged, traditional Southeast Alaska ingredients.  There will be plenty to eat and drink so bring along a hearty appetite.  No one leaves on an empty stomach! 

We’ve given our crew all the tools they need to provide an authentic Alaskan dining experience.  Limited only by their imagination, we’re excited to see what kind of table our chefs prepare. 


We’ll be setting our chef’s table four times daily, with seating sold by the table.  $100.00 per person, minimum of four guests with a maximum of 6.  Restaurant, room, and table reservations are available.

Of special interest to locals and overnight visitors, the Alaska Fish House puts on live music starting at 8:00 on Friday and Saturday nights.  Enjoy a world-class meal from 6:00-8:00 p.m., and keep date night rolling with cocktails and music next door.

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