Fishing Excursions


Private Fishing Charters

30ft Cabin Cruiser | 24ft Cabin Cruiser | 20ft Skiff

By chartering your own boat you control your schedule, save money, choose amongst more fishing options and enjoy a complimentary meal featuring your fresh catch.

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Best Alaska Fishing in Ketchikan

Alaska Fishing

Salmon | Halibut

Leave the dock primed to pursue salmon and halibut. The goal is to catch fish and have a extraordinary day.

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halibut fishing at its

Hunting for Halibut

This fishing excursion dedicated to catching the largest flatfish in the world, the Pacific Halibut.

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Fishing and Dining in

Alaska Fishing & Wilderness Dining

Ketchikan, Alaska

Alaska bottom fishing with an excellent meal featuring your catch at a private wilderness campsite.

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