The Alaska Fish House

The RestaurantBusiest Hours 11 AM-2 PM

• Cook your Catch
• Fresh Seafood
• Alaska's Finest Craft Beer
• Mediocre Wine
• Locally Roasted Coffee
3 Salmon Landing. Downtown at the end of main street. Above our Private Fishing Marina.
(Chance of a short wait in line)

Due to high customer volume, we are unable to accept reservations. Thank you for your understanding as we endeavor to reduce line congestion and seating times. We apologize for any inconvenience, and look forward to serving you soon.

We are all about Seafood

The Alaska Fish House is easily Ketchikan's first choice for fresh Alaskan seafood. Visit us at the end of Main Street, just a short walk from the cruise ship docks to enjoy gourmet seafood dining next to the most historic fishing fleet in Ketchikan. Try a complimentary sample of our delicious smoked salmon corn bread while ordering from our menu featuring grilled salmon, halibut & chips, crab, and our famous smoked salmon chowder.

salmon, halibut, and crab seafood recipes
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salmon, halibut, and crab seafood recipes
2017 Fish House Menu

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