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Baranof's Story

Our website is not just an invitation to enjoy a fishing adventure with us, but more importantly, an introduction to an Alaskan community that we are immensely proud of. KETCHIKAN IS TRULY A FISH STORY.

Baranof was conceived by AJ and Chuck Slagle, while overnighting on the beach at Slate Island in the year 2000. Having grown-up hunting and fishing in Southeast Alaska and passionate about the multitude of wilderness experiences available they believed a family looking for the true Alaskan experience should be introduced to not only sport fishing but offered the simple Alaskan pleasures, especially eating a selection of fresh Alaskan seafood, beach combing, and the enjoyment of campfires on a remote Alaskan beach. The Slagle's believe a personal introduction to the southeast Alaska lifestyle is more than a box of fish.

Traditional Ketchikan Sportfishing

Learn about Alaska fishing techniques, Alaska sportfishing, how to choose an Alaskan guide and the process of crafting the perfect fishing vacation.

Alaska Seafood

Discover the rich commercial fishing history of Ketchikan, caring for your catch, identifying fish species, and sharing our passion for cooking your catch.

Explore Ketchikan

Explore iconic hiking trails, alaskan craft beers, kayaking in wilderness fjords, our happiest clients have embraced the unique culture of Ketchikan.

Our heroes growing up in Ketchikan were the commercial fisherman.  In "Discover More" you will find videos that invite you seining with Russ Cockrum, Trolling with Rory & Marion Bifoss, Gillnetting with Ole & LaDonna Gunderson, or Longlining with Mike Jewett plus many other fine Ketchikan fishing adventures.

AJ Slagle - Co-founder, Fisherman and Storyteller

our Team

Whether you are visiting us for the day or for a week, we would love to create a custom fishing trip showing you what Ketchikan has to offer.

Chuck Slagle Owner of Baranof Fishing & The Alaska Fish House

Chuck Slagle


Baranof Fishing Excursions operates out of their private downtown marina in Ketchikan, Alaska.

The Slagle family is third generation Alaskans that own and operate Baranof Fishing Excursions and the Alaska Fish House from our classic fishing marina in the heart of downtown Ketchikan. For the last twenty years we have had the honor of introducing families to some of the best fishing in Alaska. You can find our marina at the end of Main Street adjacent to historic Thomas Basin.

During our summers over 75 charter boats venture out daily from the Ketchikan water front. Most of the charter boats are captained by local boys such as Sonny Campbell, Josh Rose or Clay Slanaker that have spent decades on the water and are truly extraordinary fishermen. Artists Ray Troll, Dave Rubin, Terry Pyles and many others, have perfected the art of painting fish with their work ed throughout Ketchikan. Ketchikan's restaurants are well known for their fresh seafood with the Alaska Fish House, Bar Harbor Restaurant and the Cape Fox Lodge receiving high marks for their seafood among locals. By the 1930's Ketchikan became known as the Salmon capitol of the world and the video stories of our canneries found throughout our website will impress you with the legacy of quality with which we can and ship salmon worldwide.

our Guides

Our guides ultimately dictate the quality of your overall experience. Our guide's are instructors, cheerleaders, and sometimes -- baby sitters. Their office in Southeast Alaska is as unpredictable as beautiful. They soothe our bruised ego when we miss our shot at a big fish. Their job, simply put, is to make your Alaskan Fishing dream come true.

Baranof Fishing Guide Aaron Ramirez



Aaron is an avid hunter

Baranof Fishing Guide AJ  Slagle



A born-and-raised Alaskan

Baranof Fishing Guide Alonso Escalante



Alonso is a master of all fisheries

Baranof Fishing Guide Beth Antonsen



Beth is an artist. We’re not kidding!

Baranof Fishing Guide Brian Linville



Brian enjoys guiding hunting parties as much as saltwater fishing

Baranof Fishing Guide Chris Baldwin



Baranof's Lead Guide

Baranof Fishing Guide Dennis Metzger



Dennis has been passionate about fishing his whole life

Baranof Fishing Guide Geoff Peck



Well-traveled North American saltwater fisherman

Baranof Fishing Guide Greg Ekblom



Greg lives to fish.

Baranof Fishing Guide Jack Finnegan



Most organized and a visionary

Baranof Fishing Guide Jeff Kraynik



Jeff embodies the word professionalism.

Baranof Fishing Guide Jim Maddocks



Jim has a deep love for Alaska

Baranof Fishing Guide John Beakley



John is easy-going, and carries a constant smile

Baranof Fishing Guide Johnnie Laird



Johnnie is a savvy master guide

Baranof Fishing Guide Lukas Brickweg



Lucas has a talent for delivering an Alaskan experience to everyone

Baranof Fishing Guide Matt Carlson



Matt embodies the words independent and capable

Baranof Fishing Guide Mike Mood



MIke is a craftsman of our guides

Baranof Fishing Guide Nick Rockwell



Nick is one of our Ketchikan-grown guides

Baranof Fishing Guide Stephen Kirkland



Steve is a skilled fly fishing instructor with much recognition in the field

Baranof Fishing Guide Tony Moucha



This is Tony’s first year as a guide, so our one piece of advice?

Baranof Fishing Guide Trent Updegraff



Trent has been fishing just about since he could walk.