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Raider Boats

Raider’s 30’ cabin cruisers allow us to fish Southeast Alaska in style.  With a heated cabin, private head and the length and beam to offer a smooth ride even in inclement weather, this vessel is the obvious choice when comfort is paramount.  Their dual 225-hp Hondas provide the speed necessary to run to the Misty Fjords or distant fishing hotspots efficiently.  With a heated cabin, whatever the weather, the whole family will be comfortable for the duration of their time on the Alaskan waters.  Boasting a private head, stopping at a wilderness beach to answer the call of nature is still an option, but no longer a necessity.

The combination of speed, fishing capabilities and luxury that this vessel affords our private charter guests enables us to create custom excursions for even the most discerning of clients.  A private exploration of the Misty Fjords, followed by world-class bottom or salmon fishing and a 5-star Cook Your Catch meal in our private dining room featuring the fish, crab and shrimp you caught yourself is exactly what this boat was designed for.  We operate 24 different Raiders (7 skiffs, 15 Coastals, and two 30’s).  We’ve tried other brands over the years, but the 30’ Raider fits Baranof’s vision of an authentic Alaskan experience like no other.

Check out our friends at Raider Aluminum Boats here. []


We’re Unstoppable... Check out this quick build on this custom 30’ Offshore for our friends in Homer Alaska. With Central Charters #RaiderBoats #Offshore #Homer #HomerSpit #Halibut #Charter #SuzukiMarine #Aluminum #Fabrication #Welding #MillerWelds #Boat #BoatBuilding

Posted by Raider Boats on Wednesday, March 25, 2020
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