Guest Review

Best Fishing Charter ever!

  • Aaron
  • 2017-05-25
  • Private Charter
  • California

My son (age 17) and I booked a Halibut fishing excursion with the Princess Star Cruise that we were on (Voyage of the Glaciers northbound). Princess had two boats reserved (each taking four people) and six people signed up for the Fishing Charter. Four of the people knew each other and went on one boat and my son and I had our own boat- it ended up being a private charter and we had the best time and a great experience. Aaron was our captain and host and he was knowledgeable and friendly and committed to us catching fish, especially halibut (although we knew and understood that catching any kind of fish could never be guaranteed). We caught cod and halibut and had an amazing experience. We learned about how you can tell if it's a halibut taking your bait by the way they bite and how to successfully reel them in. It rained throughout the day and it didn't matter at all as Baranof completely outfitted us in waterproof bib overalls, boots, jackets and gloves. We didn't get wet at all even though we were on the boat deck fishing for hours. Aaron was a great fishing guide and boat captain and obviously enjoyed his job and his enthusiasm was genuine. On the way back to the dock Aaron asked if we wanted to have our catch prepared and cooked or if we wanted to ship it home. We chose to have fresh halibut and cod for lunch. Aaron brought the filets out and showed them to us prior to sending them to the kitchen for cooking. The fish was deliciously prepared and Aaron joined us for lunch. What a great excursion!!!  My only complaint would be with the excursion desk on our cruise. The woman who specializes in shore excursions didn't know anything about our excursion and wasn't able to answer my questions. She also wasn't willing to contact the charter. I booked the excursion anyway. I asked for the charter's phone number and that request was denied. I didn't know it was Baranof until we arrived at the dock or I would have looked them up on my own and contacted them. Pretty much everything the excursion desk person told me was inaccurate - the most important information being that all of the gear was provided and included (no I didn't to provide my own rain gear as I was told). The experience with Aaron and Baranof was so memorable that my teenage son wants to figure out how he can get a seasonal job with them starting next May. Thank you Aaron and Baranof!
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