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Trent Updegraff

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Amazing day of fishing

  • Trent Updegraff
  • 2018-07-11
  • Wilderness Camp
  • Montana

We had a great day catching halibut and cod and then a great meal of fresh fish at the wilderness camp. They made everything so easy. Thank you to Captain Trent and Kim. We even saw orcas and humpback whales on our way back. We highly recommend this trip.

Great private charter with Trent

  • Trent Updegraff
  • 2018-07-31
  • Private Charter
  • Massachussettes

After disembarking off cruise ship we were met by Tent at the gangway. A short walk to Baranof and we were in a 24ft aluminum boat speeding out to drop off crab pots. Baranof is great as they have a fleet of boats that share information to increase your chance of finding fish.

 After dropping crab pots we went out another 20 min where we proceeded to catch 5 halibut(1 to big to keep) a bunch of cod, and then circled back to find 3 Dungeness keepers. We got back in time for lunch prepared with some of our catch. The blackened cod was excellent. Trent was great as we had 3 adults and 3 young kids with limited fishing experience. He got us on the fish and got the fish in the boat all while providing the experience that we were all hoping for. I highly recommend Trent and look forward to fishing with him again in Alaska or Hawaii.

Best tour in Alaska!! Baranof Fishing

  • Trent Updegraff
  • 2018-07-05
  • Alaska Fishing
  • N/A

Baranof Fishing Experience is professionally done start to finish. We met Trent Updegraff just off the cruise ship and walked 2 minutes to the boat with our group of 5 including one in wheelchair and 2 teens. Perfect sunny day on a spotless boat and best mate, Kim, you can imagine. Saw lots of wildlife on 30 minute ride to our fishing spot. Captains spread the fleet and when one started catching we moved and had a Halibut on shortly thereafter. We caught fish after fish. We caught one 70lb fish that we in the "slot" that fought and fought. Trent took our catch, filleted and Shannon took us over to cook up our catch. Best meal we had all week!!! First round of beer on the house! 6 hours was perfect length.


  • Trent Updegraff
  • 2018-08-13
  • Alaska Fishing
  • California

My wife and I had a great fishing experience . It was a beautiful day and the fishing was amazing ! Our captain Trent found the fish and the bite never stopped. There were 2 other people on the boat and we caught 14 halibut. We were only allowed to keep 4 based on Alaska fishing regulations. We also cod ,sole and even a shark. It was my wife's first fishing trip and she caught the biggest halibut 36" and over 20 pounds. I highly recommend Baranof if you want a great fishing trip and ask for Trent. Marty & Rachelle
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