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Incredible AK Fishing with Guide Steve

  • Stephen Kirkland
  • 2018-09-15
  • Alaska Fishing
  • N/A

So, you know the moment where you have to choose what to do "extra" while on an Alaskan cruise? Well, in Ketchikan, look NO Further! Baranof Fishing Excursions and Fish Camp is THE BOMB. We had our 2 kids (11/Boy and 8/Girl) and they absolutely loved it. They fished by themselves with the expert guidance of Steve, we later filet the fish and cooked the very fresh fish into a great meal. Steve was a Military guy who lived all over the world, and once retired from US service, he beelined straight to Alaska to guide fishing trips. He is the perfect guide, Fish Tattoo on his arm, Big protective beard, Top gear, and a fun and efficient nature. Our daughter kept pulling the fish up, and so she started talking trash to Steve and they had wonderful time pulling fish out. We threw many back, and kept only what we were going to eat. The weather was perfect for Alaska. The memory will last for decades. It was the BEST experience, and although pricey in absolute dollars, it was a Great value, and I'd do it again tomorrow. Can't recommend enough~ Saw a Bald eagle get a fish off the water, right in front of us...Looked for Bears. Crystal clear water, and they give you all the gear you need! A+
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