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John Beakley

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Amazing experience

  • John Beakley
  • 2018-07-27
  • Wilderness Camp
  • Virginia

We signed up for the Alaska Fishing and Wilderness Dining excursion. Communication and signup with Baranof was a breeze. We got off the ship a little early, but couldn't find our guide. We called butnoone answered the number. Luckily we found someone else from the company and they said they'd walk us to our location if our captain didn't arrive. We started walking and caught up with John (booking gave him the wrong ship name so he was waiting at the wrong location). We head to the dock, get geared up in boots and fishing gear, and hop on the boat. We went bottle fishing at 250 feet deep. Wow, what hard work. We caught 7 rockfish (but could only keep 4), 1 halibut, 2 sharks, and a ratfish. John was awesome and patient (I've fished often, but never this deep or for this kind of fish). When we were done, we headed to a beautiful camp where we sat around a fire drinking cocoa and coffee. John filleted the fish and the cook cooked an amazing dish with the rockfish, halibut, potatoes, and some sauce. The food and desert were amazing. After eating, we headed back but first John stopped where a pair of bald eagles live and threw out one of the fishwe weren't planning to keep. The eagle circled a few times and then done for the fish. I got amazing pictures and videos. This was a great experience and John was amazing.
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