Alaska Seafood Cookbook

A true chef can cook a great meal anywhere and with the simplest ingredients.

When you’re out at sea, you may have access to copious amounts of fresh seafood, but there’s no corner grocer to help you out with the staples. Commercial salmon fisherman LaDonna Gundersen found inspiration from the cozy galley of the 32-foot LaDonna Rose, a boat she owns with her husband, Ole. Gillnetting for wild salmon in Southeast Alaska for two decades, and cooking at sea, has made LaDonna a fun and inspiring chef, as well as a great baker. The pages of her cookbooks are filled with creative yet simple recipes fit for land or sea. There are plenty of tasty options that will help you to stay energetic during the fishing season, but LaDonna also has a background in nutrition that has part led to a wide range of healthy, lighter dishes for slimmer days. With so much variety and accessible ingredients, it’s easy to see that this collection will be a resource for new recipes for years to come..

LaDonna Rose Gundersen:
From our boat to your table

LaDonna Gundersen
Ole Gundersen
At the Alaska Fish House
Husband and wife team Ole and LaDonna Gundersen put their fishing knowledge and their taste for seafood on the fast track to bring you quick, easy to prepare seafood dishes with striking results. In celebration of home, family and friends, discover the wonder of Alaska one dish at a time.

The Fishes & Dishes Cookbook:
Seafood Recipes and Salty Stories from Alaska's Commercial Fisherwomen

Kiyo Marsh
Laura Cooper
At the Alaska Fish House
Some of the most dangerous work in the world takes place on the commercial fishing grounds of Alaska, where crews must deal with gale-force winds, towering seas, long hours, and . . . Baked Salmon Wellington?
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