Baranof's Team Positions

Baranof Manager over our fishing team

Chris Baldwin

Lead Guide/General Manager


All operations, specifically guides and dock crew

Who I am looking for:

A passion for fishing. It might sound corny, but it's true; this can't be just "a job". Our top guides want to go fishing every day, whether they're taking out clients, friends, family, or just themselves. A dedication to sharing that passion and providing an outstanding experience to our guests is critical. The best thing I ever heard from one of my captains was, "I've caught a lot of fish in my life and I love it, but I'd rather see someone else reel in a fish for the first time".

Our operation, while able to provide outstanding fishing to any group, is focused on providing a family friendly experience. I want captains that are teachable and willing to learn, but I need captains that don't have a problem teaching someone young, or otherwise new to fishing, how to hold a fishing pole on a daily basis. "We're more than a box of fish", which means that you're also a tour guide, and often the first introduction to Alaska these people receive.

The main deal-breaker for me is a poor attitude. You don't need to bring everyone doughnuts in the morning, but I won't put up with whiners, complainers, naysayers, pouters, crybabies, or ne'er-do-wells. Confidence in the knowledge that suggested changes either in myself, coworkers, or the company that I receive from my team is vital to promoting our culture of continuous improvement; I don't like wasting time discussing non-issues with my team members just because they're throwing shade out of habit.

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Charter Captains need for Fishing in Ketchikan Alaska

Charter Captains

Plan on killing fish for a living? Our guides enjoy exceeding customer expectations and providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience on our authentic Alaskan angling excursions.

Fishing in Ketchikan as a Fishing Apprentice

Fledgling Fishing Guide

Fledgling Fising Guide Apprentices are required to have their 6 PAK guide license, and be capable of being trained to operate a 20 ft. custom built open boat in a professional and safe manner in the inclement weather of Southeast Alaska.

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