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The Southeast Expedition – AJ's Adventure Begins –

The Southeast Expedition – AJ's Adventure Begins

  • July 07, 2017
  • Private Charter
  • Petersburg, Alaska

In 1987, I pointed a 15-foot "duraboat" up Clarence strait and found myself in Juneau three days later it was august of that year and the weather was gentle to me.

This morning I awoke in a hotel in Petersburg after a 5 1/2 hour run in a 28 foot raider equipped with twin 225 Honda outboards fully enclosed cabin and all the amenities, this time I am getting paid to do it at a company my brother and I started 16 years ago that has grown to this proportion, if you had told me then this would be my job I would have been frothing with anticipation to where I could hardly stand it.

But here it is and it's real and tangible,all that knocking around southeast Alaska produced a opportunity, we saw a few whales on the way and watched the topography change from timbered slopes in the distance to snow and ice mantled peaks.

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Beautiful country and capable, amazing people –

Beautiful country and capable, amazing people

  • July 16, 2017
  • Private Charter
  • South Inian Pass, Alaska

I said "Jason"as I approached the powertroller with the man operating the winch controls at the base of the boom mast, the bearded, work disheveled fisherman turned to me then smiled once he recognized the source of the voice,a warm strong handshake was extended and I greeted his son Calvin as well.

Then he started telling me what he had been up to since our last meeting a year ago,we both had plenty to relate and the brief encounter was heartfelt and fun, I explained the charter I was on that had brought me there to Hoonah and that I would be visiting a mutual friend of ours on the way to elfin cove which was one of the benefits of this journey seeing Jason and his son and Sean Roberts the captain of the "shadow" also reminded me of encounters possible while traveling in this country.

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Elfin Cove – Cod Fishing – Catching Cods in Elfin Cove

Elfin Cove – Cod Fishing

  • July 16, 2017
  • Private Charter
  • Elfin Cove, Alaska

I wondered what I would find after 21 years since seeing Elfin cove and the surrounding area,the bounty and beauty were still more than abundant Chris and I were free of obligation to the ship on Wednesday and saw a brown bear the evening before at the head of port althorp,we awoke to a misty windless morning and left after breakfast to go fishing.

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Circling Sea Lion – Getting circled by a Sea Lion

Circling Sea Lion

  • July 15, 2017
  • Private Charter
  • Gustavus, Alaska

If you don't like bears in your garbage think about this bull sea lion by your boat! They were circling the dock at Gustavus.

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Leaving Auke Bay – Mendenhall valley as we leave Auke bay

Leaving Auke Bay

  • July 15,2017
  • Private Charter
  • Auke Bay, Alaska

We are starting through the morning fog from Auke bay to Berners bay to meet the vessel,clear skies with no wind the waters surface is only broken by boat wakes,good meal and a quiet night gave us some preparation for the following day,here we go!

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Heading Home – Heading for Home

Heading Home

  • July 20, 2017
  • Private Charter
  • Ketchikan, Alaska

Here I go back to Ketchikan Chris and his brother will bring the "Alyssa" back down and I am scheduled to guide tomorrow looking forward to being home,can actually see the mountains here in Juneau today with high clouds, Chris and I got to fish a bit in what time we had....... 24 cohos, 4 pinks, 2 halibut and a lot of rockfish in 3 days. Juneau has fish.

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