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However, if time allows, we suggest you check out all of our Fishing Excursions to get a more in-depth look at what it is we offer. If you're in a bit of a hurry, but you're not sure if you can fit fishing in, call us on the phone or read on.

Many of our guests have some common questions or concerns they need addressed before heading out on a twenty-something foot boat for the day. We've listed the "deal-breakers" below to allay any worries. You'll probably find that you're ready to head out in the next thirty minutes and have an experience that could be the highlight of your Alaskan vacation. We also have a few links to FAQs that you may want to check if you have the time, but they can also be figured out while you're getting outfitted. While not of critical importance, reviewing these can speed up the process a bit and get you off to the next stage of your journey swiftly.

What you need to know to go fishing today!

Weather in Ketchikan

Weather - Is it good enough to successfully fish?

Southeast Alaska weather is temperamental at best, so our dispatch manager (Bonnie) keeps a keen eye on the forecast. If you were booked on a tour cancelled for weather, give us a call and see if fishing is an option. Oftentimes we can put together an authentic Alaskan experience while other tours remain tied up at the dock.

What do I need to wear?

Clothing - What do I need to wear?

Whatever you're wearing is fine. If it's "cold" out, long pants and a sweater should be sufficient. We will outfit you with socks, boots, raingear, gloves and cap to ensure you can stand in the weather all day without turning blue. However, it's easier to cool you down than warm you up, so add an extra layer to be on the safe side.

Fishing Licenses when fishing in Alaska

Fishing License

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game requires all residents and non-residents to purchase a fishing license before dropping a line. Bring your I.D. and we will fill it out for you as you're getting outfitted for your trip (this simply speeds up the process, if you don’t have an I.D. handy you can fill it out in about a minute). It's $25 for a one day license, and $15 for an optional King Salmon tag. The state also offers multi-day licenses that can save you a couple bucks if you're planning on fishing more than once.

How long can I fish?

How long can I fish?

Whether busting out to Mountain Point (a local King Salmon hotspot), for a quick 2-hour charter, or running to Alava for a 6-8 hour bottom fishing excursion, we can accommodate most time frames. Finding a happy balance between chance-for-success and time with your line in the water is what we do.


All-Aboard - How do I know I'll be back in time if I'm traveling by cruise ship?

Our vessels are custom-made to ensure we can get where we need to go, and back, without going all "Gilligan's Island". We are in constant communication with your ship, and haven't had to buy a plane ticket for any of our guests to meet their ship at the next stop. Although if this does happen we will make sure to get you to your next stop, all on our dime.

Do I need to eat before heading out on the water?

Is lunch provided?

Yes, our restaurant, the Alaska Fish House, provides a sacked lunch for our fishing clients. Drinks are also provided during all charters. Make sure to mention any special dietary considerations to Bonnie and her crew when you first call.

Boats and Accessibility

Boats and Accessibility - Do I need to be an athlete to do this?

We are fully equipped to accommodate guests with most mobility or comfort concerns. Let Bonnie know when you book of any assistance that may be needed.

Will we catch fish

Will we catch fish?

They call it fishing, not catching. That being said, we aren't happy unless you've caught something. Depending on the time you have on the water, we can usually find the fish for you; our guides have been at this, in these waters, for a long time.

Baranof Fishing Excursions Rates for walk-ups


A standard fishing trip is 6 hrs and starts at $299 per person -or- $1200-$1900 for a 4-6 passenger Private Charter.

Can I eat my fish today?

Can I eat my fish today?

Yes! Whether you opt for our Wilderness Dining tour or would like to have your catch prepared at our restaurant for a private dining experience, you can eat one of your fish you catch today and ship the rest home. If traveling by cruise ship, we may also be able to arrange to have your catch prepared onboard for dinner.

How do I ship my fish home?

How do I ship my fish home?

Once you return from your excursion, you'll take a minute to fill out a processing form that will be used to track your catch as it's dressed, packaged, frozen and shipped.

"There is nothing like making friends and family listen about your fishing trip while feeding them your fresh catch."

Do I tip my fishing guide?

Do I tip the guide?

Tipping is at your discretion. However, if our guides have gone above and beyond to make your trip amazing, we don't discourage our guides from accepting gratuities for outstanding performance. We commonly see folks tip the guides 10%-20% of the tour.

There are instances when, either due to time constraints or being fully booked, we're unable to get walk-ups out on the water. Fear not, Ketchikan has a lot to offer. At the bottom of this page we've provided links to some of our favorite attractions and activities.

We love our home, and we want all of our visitors to know why; whether it's with our company or another.

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