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The Southeast Expedition – Chris' Adventure Begins

  • Chris Baldwin
  • 2017-07-07 04:13:45
  • Private Charter
  • Petersburg, Alaska

Baranof Guide Story: Chris Baldwin story – Private Charter

AJ and I survived the first leg of our great adventure. 115 Miles of rolling 2 foot seas with the boat running nicely at 30 knots. Got to Petersburg around 930pm last night. We burned a little more fuel on the leg than expected, and we think it was mainly due our pace while racing the setting sun. I am sure the 2 foot seas didn't help.

We saw some whales, and some nice scenery, but the highlight of the trip so far was listening to AJ tell stories involving the various points and inlets we pass. AJ traveled these waters over 20 years ago in a 15 foot skiff, and I’m sure his experience will come in handy.

Right now were tied up along side the yacht facing directly at devils thumb. The peak is only 9000 feet tall, which is pretty minuscule in mountaineering standards, the face is around 6000 vertical making this the largest rock face around. The treacherous nature of the climb mixed with bad granite and unforgiving weather has contributed to making this the deadliest face on the continent. Even from 20 miles away It challenges the mind to its difficulty.

AJ and I are waiting to hear if we\'re fishing today. We’ve been hearing the halibut bite is good and been seeing some great looking spots north of the city. It is a waiting game at this point, but we\'re chomping at the bit to go catch some fish.

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