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Welcome to the Wild of Southeast Alaska

You may have already heard, but Alaska has a lot of critters. The Ketchikan area is replete with animals, large and small, on both land and sea. Black bear viewing is a popular attraction, and is often combined with a floatplane trip to a local salmon hatchery stream where bear line the banks. Whale watching can be had on the outer coast of Duke Island, where humpbacks congregate throughout the summer. Birds of every kind abound as well; from seabirds to bald eagles, summer in Southeast is famous for avian activity. Whether your interests lean towards the beasts of the field, sea mammals, bird watching, or just all fauna in general, a wildlife viewing excursion in Southeast is sure to be a unique and rewarding experience. There are any number of options available to customize your wildlife viewing experience. In planning your trip, let us know what your priorities are, and what you'd like to see when the opportunity presents itself; we'll take care of the rest.

Baranof has several options to choose from when it comes to your private charter vessel, each uniquely suited to different kinds of wildlife viewing.

30 ft. Cabin Cruiser - With a galley and head, it's hard to find an excuse to get off the boat. Perfect for whale watching away from shore.

24 ft. Cabin Cruiser - Our standard vessel, these boats provide a cabin for getting out of the weather, but are easily put in at most beaches for a nature hike or wilderness dining experience. Outstanding for a combination tour focusing on sea and land mammals.

20 ft. Skiff - Open skiffs are the workhorse boats of Southeast Alaska. Full freedom of movement from bow to stern makes stopping along nearly any shoreline possible, and their shallow draft allows for poking into areas larger boats might shy away from.

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