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The best part about living in or visiting a small town in Alaska is the ease with which you can leave it all behind. Throwing a tarp over a line ran between two trees and unrolling some sleeping bags is common lodging for locals as they hike, fish, or hunt their way about the islands. Visitors may enjoy this rustic experience, but there are comfier options available to those looking to relax or traveling with younger family members. The United States Forest Service has built and maintains small, six-person cabins throughout the state. Visitors and locals can utilize these cabins year round, though they must be reserved with a small fee ($35-$80 per night) in advance. Reservations can be made within six months of their use, but they fill up fairly quickly at the popular locations. Access to these areas, especially the remote lake facilities, is usually accomplished by seaplane, though several are designed to be accessed via boat. Hardy adventurers can also hike from sea level to some of the lake cabins. Whether you're sleeping under the trees or a roof, you can depend on Baranof to handle the logistics.

Baranof has several options that can be used in conjunction with Forest Service cabin rentals. Transportation being the most basic, we are able to get you to and from your destination in comfort. We also partner with several businesses in town that can outfit you for camping, so showing up with just a few changes of clothes is enough should you wish to avoid the hassle of traveling with all your camping gear. Kayaks are an enjoyable addition for those staying at Alava Bay or Winstanley Island cabin, which is something we're equipped to facilitate as well.

Day fishing charters, combined with the cabin stay, is a personal favorite of the Slagle family. We pick you up from your cabin in the morning, fish in remote locations, then drop you back off that evening. Your fish is processed and frozen, waiting for your return from the wilderness; save perhaps the fresh shrimp and halibut you keep for that evening's meal. If you'd like to get out on the water but fishing isn't your thing, then give us a call and we will design an experience customized for you and your family. Taking a day to utilize our guide for Misty Fjords sightseeing, wildlife viewing, beachcombing, or crabbing and shrimping are excellent ideas for rounding out your true Southeast Alaska experience. We'll help you plan the perfect overnight trip, just let us know what you need and we'll handle the rest or introduce you to someone that can.

There are obviously a lot of moving parts in planning a successful camping trip so far from home. We've been doing this since we were kids; give us a call and we'll make this intimidating project an enjoyable one.

Below are a list of some of the cabins accessible from Ketchikan. Check out for a complete list and area map.

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