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Most of us can’t afford the time or money to take a trip to some far-off land (or waters) every year just to stock up on our favorite foods. For Alaskan seafood, the fix is simple; find a vendor you trust and having your frozen fare FedExed. Below are some of the folks we trust when we want to give our friends and family a taste of home, but don’t want to leave our own cupboards bare.
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Keyport LLC

Keyport is our restaurant’s provider for red king crab. The reason we use them exclusively as our vendor for this big-ticket item is that they care for their product as if each leg was going to end up on their own dinner plate. From the Bering Sea to Dutch Harbor, then down to Edmonds, Washington for final preparation before shipment, the care they use when catching, processing, cutting, and freezing their product is unsurpassed.

10th and M Seafoods Photo

10th and M Seafoods

Alaska is home to a huge array of different types of seafood, and since 1943 10th and M Seafoods has been disseminating it to the masses. Their quality is top-notch, and their options range from canned salmon gift boxes to freezer-filling crates of king crab and flash-frozen halibut.

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