Starting at $1700 (+taxes) for 2 guests

When you book with Alaska Travelers, you’ll benefit from the care of Mary Bolshakoff, who has been connecting guests with Ketchikan vacation rentals for 22 years. With her expertise, we can help you meet your lodging expectations for budget, location, and amenities.


Mary Bolshakoff of Alaska Travelers is a lifelong Ketchikan resident adept at understanding the value of connecting guests with their idea of an exceptional, comfortable stay after a long day of fishing. If you would like a centralized launching point for your vacation, choose one of Mary’s listings in downtown Ketchikan, which will put you in walking range of the Baranof Fishing Excursions marina. If the quieter, back-to-nature experience is more your taste we encourage you to heed the call of our Alaskan wilderness and book an out-of-town stay. Baranof Fishing Excursions will provide you with transportation to and from your fishing excursions with us, or the connection to booking independent transportation options for the duration of your stay. With both high-end and budget options available, whichever lodging experience you choose, you can be guaranteed it will be full of Ketchikan flavor.


The Baranof Fishing Excursions marina is located in downtown Ketchikan at the end of Main Street. We provide one of the highest-rated fishing excursions in Alaska. We’ll pair you with an experienced fishing guide skilled at instructing you on the ins-and-outs of Southeast Alaskan angling while you explore the breathtaking seascape along our coastline. After years of fishing our waters, the crew at Baranof is adept at crafting a fishing experience that will enlighten you to the pure, visceral gratification of catching your own dinner. Explore the fishing excursions below and choose the one that is right for you:


Ketchikan is an island community so no matter where you choose to stay, a plethora of activities are nearby for exploring, whether it’s a short walk down our pier from a stay downtown or an average 10-15 minute drive to a trail or attraction on your stay north or south of town. If you have a hankering to explore the local history and culture of a classic Alaskan fishing town, we suggest spending an afternoon perusing the local shops, museums, and galleries in the heart of our downtown. If you’re hoping to further immerse yourself in the beauty of our wild seascape or connect with the world’s largest temperate rainforest, you might want to take advantage of our first-class flightseeing for breathtaking views of the Misty Fjords, hop in a kayak to explore the tidal pools, inlets, and small islands along our glacially carved coastline, or pack a day bag for a hike on one of our mountain trails amidst towering cedar and Sitka spruce

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To book the fishing excursion that best meets your expectations for an excellent day out fishing, please call Bonnie at (907) 617-9579